We challenge our parks to do more, for more people.

The Dignowity Park Project unifies two segregated parks to create a transformed 9-acre haven at the highest hill overlooking downtown: a safer, more inclusive and beautiful place for urban core communities to connect and play.

Download Project Summary.

Do you support improvements to Lockwood & Dignowity Parks? Sign the petition now. Over a thousand volunteer hours have gotten us here, but your endorsement is key to realizing the vision.

The Dignowity Park Project unifies two segregated parks to create a transformed 9-acre urban oasis at the highest hill overlooking downtown: a safer, more inclusive and beautiful place for urban core communities to connect and play.

Download Project Summary.

Do you support improvements to Lockwood & Dignowity Parks? Sign the petition now. Over a thousand volunteer hours have gotten us here, but your endorsement is key to realizing the vision.

"I support because...."
We want our parks to be utilized and to be destination for the community and visitors. This can be accomplished by updating our parks and making it a place where we can exercise, picnic, or just enjoy.

Dee Smith

We need something to be proud of on the Eastside that’s safe and welcoming. Someplace to escape to, even for just a walk.


Our community deserves more!

Brian Dillard

It’s the chance to really get something right on the Eastside, and spur more positive change. Why not start with something everyone can enjoy?

Bekah McNeel

I grew up in this neighborhood and would love to see the growth revitalize this area.

Cruz Luna

I need a “road diet” in my life!

Kristian Browning

I live in proximity to the Park and know this project will be catalytic to both the East side and downtown.

Liz Burt

Finally, someone cares. This neighborhood deserves a park… people deserve to be seen, not hidden in our community.


I think this is a great vision for an under-utilized park.

Lorie Campos

Its very important to make this happen, me and my neighbors are asking to PLEASE! PLEASE! MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Our children need a boost to their home in a brighter neighborhood!

Lou Hedz

We want the park to be a place where the community feels safe and welcomed, with inspiring places for youth and adults alike to play and learn.

Andrea Figueroa

It is so important that we continue to create more usable green space in San Antonio’s urban core so that we showcase how great our city truly is.

Lara Fischer

This park is important to the transformation on the East side. It will bring the community together.

Courtney Lay

It’s encouraging to see participatory design in action. The redevelopment of these parks would bring healing and energy to an area that has long under appreciated its own potential. Let’s make this happen!

Jeff Snyder

It’s the right thing to do.

Robert Rivard

I am signing because improving our parks gives my kids a place to be a kid.

Nicole Montez

The east side deserves a great park!

Andrew Herdeg

A beautiful solution to an important problem our parks have. This proposal will help activate a community and bring positive energy into the neighborhood. Exciting!

Gabe Winter

I was just there yesterday running with my dogs and wondered where everybody was. It’s a great space that goes unused 75% of the time.

Frank Trejo

Supporting “20 minute” neighborhoods with walking distance amenities.

Ryan Yaden

I love the East side!

Angel Lopez

I believe in the community.

Kimberly Hawthorne

This park is in my neighborhood. I enjoy spending time here with my family. Improving this community space is just what we need.

Oscar Jr. Felan

Urban public green spaces improve our quality of life on many levels – let’s invest in revitalizing one that already has a solid foundation!

Tia Moen

This is very important for our community to connect with the outdoors.

Penelope Speier

I love the expansion of outdoor development to improve the general health of SA!

Nicole Sanchez

I am the Historic Building Enforcement Officer and drive by daily and its one of the best areas of town.

Branden Dross

I want to see progress on the East Side. The success that Dignowity Hill has seen needs to spread out to other communities like Denver Heights, Jefferson Heights, and Harvard Place.

Devin Walker

I can see this bringing the community together.

William Moore

This park has so much potential. It would be a shame not to fund such a wonderful project. And it’s right in the heart of the Eastside….where we need these types of projects.

Audrey McNaughton

We live in the neighborhood with a new baby and we’d love a place to spend time as a family!

Katie Williams

We think this corner of the city will be beautiful again in part because of efforts like this.

Justin Flores

Parks are health.

Amanda Merck

Would love to see the vision realized.

Mark Wittig

Developing green space will become more valuable as this city grows over the next 40 years… It may not have the initial “flash” of a “land bridge” but long term it will be the better investment and be looked upon as the more valuable treasure.

Ralph Church

I support because… it’s boring!

Millie Smith / Grandmother

Awesome idea, will help lots of people!

Ben Bowman

I care about our city and want to see more people want to live downtown to keep up with the historical value we have here and bring wealth to the City of San Antonio.

Rebecca Eschete

I live close by and would enjoy and love to see this happen here.

Raquel Martinez

More parks = more fun and better health for everyone!

Fred San Miguel

I want to improve Eastside.

Martin Castaneda

This is a very good project to bring our neighborhood to the next level.

Ugur Kilic

I believe in the need for more park space in this area!

Gordon Benjamin

I believe the parks to our last resource in the area and focusing on them would be a gift to the residents in the area and the city as a whole.

Roland Pastrano

I would love to see this park transformed for the betterment of our neighborhood and our city.

Hannah Flores

We go to this park and we would love to see it preserved and improved for our kids and the community.

Violeta Hernandez

To improve and provide a safe environment where child and adults can enjoy being being in our city parks.

Erica Anaya

I believe that green space positively impacts our psyches and strengthens communities.

Sheryl Grant

I want to help support the improvement of the two parks. After the improvements they will be a great place for families on a fast growing side of town.

Robert Jimenez

We need more neighbors.

Roger Rodriguez

More activity = less crime

Scott Ball

I love and support this community.

Joyce Mitchell

I love playing basketball here.

Jose Benitez

It needs a makeover.

Sarah R Vasquez

We live in Dignowity Hill and would like to see these two parks joined and revitalized so that our daughter has a safe, vibrant place to explore and engage in nature as she grows up.

Sydney Aschbacher

I love parks and want to spend time in this one, connecting with people.

Virginia Lees

I believe in making all parts of the city better.

Loren Reyes

We are passionate about creating accessible events for the people of San Antonio!

San Antonio Current

I would like to move to the neighborhood in the near future and I believe this would be a great amenity!

Dan Carter

Beautiful , functional, well programmed parks are critical to community in urban environments

James Andrews

Dignowity and Lockwood Parks reflect the vibrance of this diverse community. The more they also reflect public investment, the more the community will feel that their city supports them, and take pride in their neighborhood.

Bekah McNeel

Public spaces like these help define great cities. We all want to see San Antonio continue to grow, and investing in vibrant neighborhoods like Dignowity Hill support that goal.


The quality park that core communities deserve is well within our reach. A grassroots coalition secured funding in the 2017 municipal bond to address basic infrastructure challenges and build a new playground.

Despite a wide range of community programming in the park, over 5,600 people in walking distance, and a growing citywide popularity, basic physical shortcomings and lingering safety concerns prevent many residents from enjoying it on a daily basis.

To complete the community vision, we need you. A capital campaign is underway to raise the funds required to complete the project, which includes pedestrian-scale lighting, community center upgrades, a new shaded walking trail, and a community event pavilion with outdoor bathroom and kitchen.

Donate or become a Friend of Dignowity Park today.

A First Glimpse

General improvements were approved by the 2017 Bond Program with city-proposed groundbreaking in January 2019. CoSA public meetings, to determine the use of funds, will be held through 2018.

The following illustrations visualize ideas gathered between July 2015 and February 2016 from the “Future of Our Park” design workshop that took place at Siclovia Fall 2015 with participation of over 350 people; surveys conducted at D2 events, Ella Austin, and Bowden Elementary; stakeholder interviews, focus groups, block-walks as well as regular conversations at neighborhood association meetings. From 2016-2017, updated schematic plans were released for vetting at a range of free community events. This design effort seeks to amplify community’s priorities within the 2017 Bond program and guide fundraising efforts.

All plans and images shown are for visioning, fundraising and feedback purposes only. If you would like to offer additional feedback, please email info@pseast.org with comments or arrange for a meeting with your stakeholder group.

Hilltop Playscape a one of a kind place nestled at the top of Lockwood Park, overlooking downtown San Antonio. Natural elements, sculpted landforms, engaging structures, and thoughtful, community-driven- design would welcome families and neighbors to connect and discover. The design could build upon the community’s work in the TPR Lighter! Quicker! Cheaper! initiative.

View from the hill – Before & After

View from the street – Before & After

Gracious, walkable edges welcome people into the park, activate underused zones and integrate with neighborhood streetscapes. The sidewalk is widened and lined with new trees, seating and human-scaled path lights.

Along Hackberry St., a “road diet” creates safer pedestrian access to the park by replacing one lane of traffic with a planted buffer and new parking. A promenade with infrastructure for market stalls and food trucks is anchored by a small healthy snack kiosk and play library on one end. A renewed bus stop is integrated with an updated shelter and bike racks.

Along Olive St., new parking and a wide landscape buffer transform the sidewalk into a promenade for enjoying the skyline.

Along Nolan St., the hike & bike trail veers close to the street to offer an elevated alternative path off of heavy car traffic. Site-based art provides the park with an identity along this highly visible edge.

Donate Now

Your investment is key to realizing this vision. Help raise half a million dollars before next May by making a donation now as a Friend of Dignowity Park. Your generosity will be visibly acknowledged in media and in art within the park. 100% of your gift will go to the San Antonio Park Foundation to fund Dignowity & Lockwood Park improvements. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for your organization (contact allison@pseast.org). 

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Allison Hu, Director
Nicolas Rivard, Director
Cotton Estes, Design Director
Tony Castro, Media Director
Lauralynn Arellano Development Advisor
Brian Dillard, Community Liaison
Sonya Castro, Community Liaison
Juan Garcia, Advisor
Barbara Garcia, Advisor
Mino Griego, Design Advisor / Arborist
Nick Bradshaw, Digital Media Ninja
Michele Jacob, Placemaker


Elaine Kearney
Trent Rush
Cecilia Garcia-Hours
Travis Crow
Melissa Federspill

Councilman Alan Warrick, II
Akeem Brown
Sandy Jenkins
Noah Almanza
Andres Andujar
Dr. Mike Etienne
Esau Hernandez
Bob Rivard
Hubert Lee Brown
Sam Lerma
Vanessa Garcia
Liz Franklin
Dee Smith
Betty Green
Madison Smith
Becca Najera
Fernando Martinez
Michele Jacob
Dianne Green

Noemi Flores
Alan Neff
Judy and Marco Carmona
Will Maney
Jeff Snyder
Charla Tully
Zephyr Castro
Natalia Lerma
Kseniya Nagornova
Andrea Figueroa
Francesca Caballero
Siboney Diaz Sanchez
Helena Zambrano
Lauren Vogl
Michelle Griego
Scott Ball
Kathryn Boyd-Batstone
Coach John Wilkins
Theresa Felan
Mike Long
Dr. Jose Flores
Tyler Tully
Aimee Holland
Arvis Holland
Betty Sherouse
Byron Sherouse
Kenneth Dominique
Nick Bradshaw


Martinez St Women’s Center
Siclovia, YMCA San Antonio
Dignowity Hill Farmer’s Market
Artemisia Bowden Elementary, SAISD
Ella Austin Community Center
Panchos and Gringos
Alamo Beer Company
Dignowity Meats
Healy Murphy Center
Tucker’s Kozy Korner
Good Good’s
Carver Idea Public School
Sweet Yams
Strong Foundations
The Eastside Sprout Community Garden
Eastside Promise Neighborhood
Dignowity Hill Social Club
Urban Strategies, Inc.
Rivard Report

A BIG THANK YOU to Brunch & Build Participants, Sponsors, and Donors.

You made the event a massive success.

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Spare Parts

Burleson Yard

Tong’s Thai / Bun n Barrel

Ella Austin Youth Program

Yeya’s Antiques & Oddities

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Lux Agency


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Lauren & Tom Bartholomew

Monika Maeckle

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Lauralynn Arellano

Jose Castillo

Kaileigh Castillo

Gemma & Zephyr Castro

Paola Fernandez

Emma Schnelle

Fernando Martinez

Adorne Ruffin

Astrella del Cielo Tanguma

Denise Taylor

Hilda Tovar

Jade White


Emily Bowe, Elizabeth Burt, Marco Carmona, Jeff, Kennedy, Liam, and Hazel Coyle, Meredith Doby, Brian Dillard, Estate Coffee, Jason Garcia-Trevino, Maria Garza, Caroline Goddard, Doug, Molly, Scout & Lily Knapp, Hilde Maeckle, Mariella Ozuna, Maricela Resendiz, Sebastian Rodriguez, Syngman R Stevens, Christian Torres, Jack & Alice Zaldivar



Stay tuned for more on the art-build through the spring!